About Syngas Convention 4

The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Catalysis (c*change) at the University of Cape Town extends a cordial invitation to delegates from throughout the world to participate in the Convention ‘Fuels and chemicals from synthesis gas: State of the art 4’.

The meeting will be held from 2 to 5 April 2023 at the Conference Venue of the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town right at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The Convention will focus on advancements in the production of synthesis gas and its conversion with a special focus on the activation of carbon dioxide.

Abstract submissions are open and will close on the 16th of December 2022.
Early Bird registration closes on the 31st of January 2023.

Syngas Convention 4 (02 - 05 April 23)

Participants are encouraged to present their own work in the form of either an oral or a poster presentation. Themes on which papers are invited include synthesis gas production, Fischer-Tropsch and methanol synthesis as well as CO2 activation.

The convention will in particular focus on:

• Modeling aspects heterogeneous catalysis
• Catalyst synthesis and characterization
• Product formation and selectivity
• Deactivation

Selected presentations from the convention will be published in a Special Issue of Catalysis Today.

Key Dates

Submission of Abstracts
16 December 2022

Acceptance of Abstracts
16 January 2023

End of Early Bird registration
31 January 2023

Plenary Speakers

Mr Fleetwood Grobler photo

Mr Fleetwood Grobler

SASOL (President and Chief Executive Officer)

Background:Fleetwood Grobler is, together with Sasol’s executive team, transforming the company to a more sustainable and future-fit growth enterprise that delivers value to all its stakeholders. Fleetwood also plays a leading role in the South African energy transition. Among others, he is a member of the Green Hydrogen Panel, established by Minister Patel, the inaugural Chair of the Energy Council of South Africa, a Board member of the Belgium-based Hydrogen Council and a Founding and Steering Committee member of the African Business Leaders Coalition of the United Nations Global Compact.

Ms Janita Naidoo photo

Ms Janita Naidoo

SASOL (Vice President Business Development for Sasol ecoFT)

Background:Janita Naidoo is currently Vice President Business Development for Sasol ecoFT, a newly formed business unit of Sasol driving global growth of Sustainable Aviation Fuels as its initial focus, with sustainable chemicals in the future. She is passionate about sustainability, the imperative to decarbonise aviation and innovating for a better world. She has successfully done strategic gas and chemicals related business in many parts of the world. At a corporate level she has driven several strategic transformation programs such as organisation redesign, values driven culture change and a focused safety improvement drive.

Prof Walter Leitner photo

Prof Walter Leitner

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion

Research Interests:Prof Leitner’s research focus is on the development and understanding of molecular catalysts. His work addresses scientific challenges in the area of organometallic chemistry ranging from the molecular fundamentals to the development of novel reaction-engineering concepts. The research topics are aligned with the principles of "Green Chemistry“ and comprise in particular the use of carbon dioxide as chemical building block and the selective transformation of bio-based feedstocks, as well as the utilization of advanced reaction media such as ionic liquids or supercritical fluids.

Prof Bert Weckhuysen photo

Prof Bert Weckhuysen

Utrecht University

Research Interests:The central research theme of the Weckhuysen group is the development of structure-activity relationships in the field of heterogeneous catalysis with special emphasis on the development of advanced in situ and operando characterization techniques. These techniques are used to enhance design, synthesis, characterization and application of catalytic solids for the conversion of fossil and renewable feedstocks into transportation fuels, chemicals and materials. More recently, research is devoted to the catalytic activation of carbon dioxide and the photo/electrocatalytic splitting of water, as well as the chemical recycling of plastics.

Prof Jorge Gascon photo

Prof Jorge Gascon

King Abdullah University

Research Interests:Professor Gascon's research interests fall at the intersection of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, including the development and demonstration of new nano-structured materials and composites. Applications include multifunctional catalysis, with special emphasis in C1 chemistry; Fischer Tropsch Synthesis; Methanol to olefins; carbon dioxide valorization; photo-catalysis; and membrane and adsorbent development.

Keynote Speakers

Prof Graham Hutchings photo

Prof Graham Hutchings

Cardiff University

Dr Denzil Moodley photo

Dr Denzil Moodley


Dr Kees-Jan Weststrate photo

Dr Kees-Jan Weststrate

Syngaschem B.V.

Prof Roland Dittmeyer photo

Prof Roland Dittmeyer

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof Andrew Beale photo

Prof Andrew Beale

University College London

Prof Yongwang Li photo

Prof Yongwang Li

Synfuels China

For More Information

For any further information on the Convention, please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat.

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Organisations and Partners

The Syngas Convention is organized by the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Catalysis c*change hosted by the University of Cape Town under the auspices of the Catalysis Society of South Africa (CATSA).